Makisumi-Garron Last Slot (MGLS)

MGLS is an alternative approach for solving the last slot of the first two layers and the orientation of the last layer. While CFOP handles this as 4th F2L pair plus OLL, MGLS divides as the edges (ELS, last slot edge and last layer edge orientation) followed by the corners (CLS, last slot corner and last layer corner orientation).

A Brief History

I came up with MGLS in 2004, partly through inspiration from Ryan Heise's old method. I generated algorithms for about half the cases and made this page, but left it uncompleted, only learning a few special cases. In 2007, Lucas Garron generated algorithms for every case and learned it as his main speedcubing method. We decided to name this step MGLS, for Makisumi-Garron Last Slot.

Most of the newer MGLS content on this site has been contributed to by Stachu Korick, with my suggestions and edits.

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