Magic Wondeful

By David Gomes and Jeremy Fleischman, with contributions from Devin Corr-Robinett

Magic Wondeful is a set of cases for solving the last F2L pair while orienting the last layer. With the pair already made on the top layer (say where solvable by URU'R'), there are 2^3*3^3 = 216 possible orientations. Winter Variation is the 27 cases where all 3 last layer edges are correctly oriented. Magic Wondeful refers to the 2*3^2 = 18 cases containing an oriented 2x2x1 block, but with the last edge flipped.

It was the Sledgehammer that led David Gomes and Jeremy Fleischman to find these algorithms. Together with the 27 Winter Variation cases, these give you a roughly 20% chance, as David puts it, "to skip OLL while inserting your last pair with an awesome algorithm."

The Sledgehammer Lookalikes

R' F R F'
The case that inspired this page.
Garbage Not
y U L2 U2 L U L' U L2 y' R U' R'
Jeremy REALLY flipped out about the Garbage Not because he noticed the sequence "L2 U2 L U L' U L2" solves another F2L case. Basically the sequence is used here to orient last layer corners, then the pair is put in with R U' R'. Wondeful.
Half Bruno Thing
U F' R' U' R F R' U R2 U2 R'
The end is like a Bruno!
Sledgehammer to Sune
R' F R F' R' U' R U' R' U2 R
Just perform the Sledgehammer to put in the F2L pair, and you end up with a nice Sune.

The Sledgehammer Lookalikes Nots (pair adjacent to 2x2x1 block)

Setup into Double Trigger
y U F R U' R' F' y'
y U' L' U' L y' R U2 R'
The second sequence essentially turns the case into the Double Trigger F2L case, awesome connections.
U F' L' U2 L U F
y U F' L F L' U' L' U2 L
Both sequences are nice. The second one orients edges with a hedgeslammer and gives you the Double trigger F2L case.
Interrupting Infinity
U2 F2 L F2 R' F' L' F R
A fun setup into the Infinity OLL.
Setup Into Inverse Trigger OLL
U R U' R' U R' U' y L' U L F y'
The name says it all, the sequence here is just the way Jeremy does it.

The Kites

Thick Sune Conjugate
R' F R2 B' R B R2 F'
y x U' L U2 R' U R U2 r'
Both sequences are the same conjugated Hedgeslammer to Thick Sune OLL case done from different angles. Weeeee.
Hedgeslammers are cool
y' U2 R2' F R F' R y
y U F' L F L2 U L y'
These are short and fast. The second one orients edges with a hedgeslammer (F' L F L') and gives you an Inverse Trigger.

The Opposing Thumbs

The (Devin the) Rat
L R' F R F' L'
If you insert the pair with an U R U' R, you get the H-OLL. This F2L case basically picks up halfway through that sequence. Neato. Thank you to Devin Corr-Robinett for showing this to Jeremy and I.
The Rat Not
R' L F R2 F' L' F R' F'
F2 L F L' F U' R U R'
Very similar in identification and sequence to the case above.

Pear Pickers

Another Thumbs Case
U F' U2 L' U2 L U F
U R U' R' F R U R' U' F'
The first sequence looks like it turns into a Winter case or osmethne. The Second case (which I prefer) is just insertion of the pair with an inverse trigger and then orientation with a Trigger OLL.
The Protoss
R' F R2 B' R' F' R B R'
This sequence is extremely similar to an OLL case which Jeremy and I call "The Protest", so Kyle, in a moment of genius, exclaimed, "HURF DURF NAME IT THE PROTOSS!"

The Adjacent Thumbs

Easy McPeazy
y U L' U L y' R U' R'
y U F U' R U' R' U' R U R' F'
Awesome. The second sequence conjugates with the Kite-shaped OLL that is part of the common T and Y perms.
y' U R' F' L' U' L F R y
There are nice fingertricks to be done here. Think l' U' r' U' r U l. Jeremy says, "This is the inverse of another cool F2L case found on Jessica Fridrich's F2L page." Invert and check it out.

All Corners Oriented

The Francisco
y U L' U' L U y' R U2 R'
This looks like the first step of Gottlieb's method, Triangular Francisco. The L' U' L orients your edges, and the case becomes a very easy Winter variation. This case is also not so bad if you insert the pair with a Sledgehammer, as you end up with a Sune.
The Broken Trash
y U' L2 U2 L2 U L2 U B L B' L y'
Thanks to Devin for finding this.