Advanced F2L

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The Normal F2L section is a reference/collection of mostly rotationless F2L algorithms. It is not meant to be a final say on F2L, but rather a starting point for a complete revision of F2L. For each case, evaluate the recommended algorithms against more traditional algorithms. Before learning the more dubious cases, consider rotating and using a fast two-gen algorithm.

For each case, algorithms that should be seriously considered are bolded. Other algorithms are listed for reference only. Different algorithms are often recommended for different initial AUF. Where there are multiple recommendations for the same AUF, consider any one.

The remaining pages treat special cases and tricks, to solve just the first two layers and also for last layer control. The following case sets are original here: Jeff2L, OPF2L, and MW.

How to use Advanced F2L

These pages are meant to be a reference, not a tutorial. I do not recommend reading through it or even learning half the algorithms. Instead, whenever you come across a bad case (e.g. requires a rotation before and during), see if Advanced F2L knows anything better.

Regarding algorithm attribution

Whenever possible and appropriate, I've attributed the algorithm, with links. This does not necessarily mean inventor, but often simply the earliest source I know or could find (hence "from" rather than "by"). Some algorithms were certainly already known but were popularized by the indicated source, perhaps with a new fingering.

Algorithms with no source are either well known, "folklore," obvious, mirrors/inverses of attributed algorithms, or my own concoction.


The "Normal F2L" section is inspired by the F2L series on Sinpei Araki's cublog, CubeSpace. Thanks to Conrad Rider for his VisualCube.

Thanks to all who have helped push the boundary.