The Ultimate Pyramorphix Method

Proposed independently in 2004 by Mike Grimsley and the author, this is a simple yet very fast method to the Pyramorphix.

Step 1

Place the four corner pieces in one "layer" with their orientation as in the figure below. 1 through 4 represent the four colors.

            4 1
	    _ _
	  1|   |4
	  2|_ _|3
	    3 2

Use one of these two approaches depending on the scramble.

  • (Grimsley). Find adjacent corners with two colors matching, and build from there.
  • (Makisumi). Two opposite corners with no same colors, the other two corners must be opposite to the colors on the sides.

Average ~6.5 moves

Step 2

Permute the remaining four pieces (they have no orientation) so that they match .

Possible Cases

1/6 Oriented correctly: do nothing (0 move)
4/6 Adjacent swap: RU'R'U'F'UF (7 moves)
1/6 Diagonal swap: FRUR'U'F'U (7 moves)

Average = 5.833... moves + 0.75 AUF
Average: 6.5833... moves

Step 3

With the 2 moves to solve.

Total: ~15 moves on average