Negative Time Solving Contest 2015

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U' L2 D' U R2 B R2 F2 L' U F' D2 R D2 R B F' D2 U' L R2 B2 D U' F L' R F D U2

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3x3 Speedsolve

RankNameCountryNegative TimeComment
1John TamanasUSA-59 minutes, 51.35 secondsI think this may be my first NTS contest
2Harris ChanCanada-59 minutes, 50.774 seconds10th year from when I started cubing!
3Shane GroganUSA-59 minutes, 50.67 secondstygjywdwilybby
4Timothy SunUSA-59 minutes, 49.75 secondshope I did my arithmetic correctly
5Jeremy FleischmanUSA-59 minutes, 49.175 secondsHappy Halloween!
6Lucas GarronGermany-59 minutes, 49.09 seconds*woo*
7Tommy SzeligaUSA-59 minutes, 48.69 seconds
8Christopher MorrisUnited Kingdom-59 minutes, 48.30 seconds
9Matthew LoweUnited Kingdom-59 minutes, 47.336 secondsThe pressure got to me
10Erik ChengUSA-59 minutes, 47 seconds
11Ryan JewUSA-59 minutes, 46.506 secondsdrunk af
12Justin LinUSA-59 minutes, 46.397 secondsThe pressure also got to me.
13Felix LeeUSA-59 minutes, 45.85 secondsHi macky
14Shelley ChangUSA-59 minutes, 43.67 seconds
15devin corr-robinettUSA-59 minutes, 43.42 secondsk
16Daniel LoUSA-59 minutes, 40.2 secondsFailed the BLD with orientation of 2 corners off.
17Thomas KaunzingerUSA-59 minutes, 33 secondsSlow solve - didn't want to wake up mommy
18Kenneth LuUSA-59 minutes, 15.36 seconds
19Jamie LiuUSA-56 minutes, 47.81 secondsDid I do the math right? -n00b
-Vincent SheuUSADNFForgot :/

3x3 BLD

RankNameCountryNegative TimeComment
1Lucas GarronGermany-53 minutes, 48.09 seconds*very* safety solve
-Leyan LoUSADNFFail at E-perm

3x3 OH

RankNameCountryNegative TimeComment
1Andrew NathensonUSA-59 minutes, 42.108 secondsWorth it.

4x4 Speedsolve

RankNameCountryNegative TimeComment
1Shane GroganUSA-58 minutes, 59.82 secondsNot eben sub -59.


RankNameCountryResultNegative Time
1Walker WelchUSA19-0 minutes, 0 secondsi R2 B // EO (2/2)
n U2 // 2 pairs (1/3)
i U' L' D2 // 2 2x2x1s (3/6)
n D2 [L'] R2 // 2x2x3 (3/9)
[L'] U L R // Pseudo F2L (4-1/12)
F U F' U F U2 F' // Sune Skip (7/19)
R2 // Fix Pseudo (1/20)

U2 D2 L2 R2 (R2 L2 D2 U2 R2 L2 D2 U2) U L R F U F' U F U2 F' R2 D2 L U B R2
// 8 move insertion that cancels 9
19 move solution
2Kit ClementUSA26-5 minutes, 0 secondsI: U' R' B' U \\2x2x2
L' B L \\2x2x3
N: L B L' \\WTFlipped edge
I: L B2 L' D L B' L ' D' R D2 R' D2 B \\L3C

(1) L D L' B' D2 R D2 R' D L B L' D' L B2 L2 B' L U' B R U

1: B R B' L B R' B' L' (cancels 4)

Final: B R B' L B R' L' B' D2 R D2 R' D L B L' D' L B2 L2 B' L U' B R U (26)
2Mark BoyanowskiUSA26-0 minutes, 0 seconds(R2 B') // EOLine
D' U2 B2 D @ R // 2x2x2
(U' R) R // 2x2x3
L U' L U2 L2 # // 5C

@ = F' R F L F' R' F L' // cancels 2
# = F' L F R' F' L' F R // cancels 2
Optimal insertions.

Solution: D' U2 B2 D F' R F L F' R' F R2 U' L U2 L2 F' L F R' F' L' F U B R2
4Michael YoungUSA31-0 minutes, 0 secondsbleh tried too many sillie things to do insertion correctly

on inverse:
U' R' B' U // x-cross (4/4)
B L U' L' U // 2x-cross (5/9)
D2 B2 D B2 // F2L k (4/13)
F' D2 F L' F L F2 D2 F // AB3E (9/22)

* F' D2 F2 L' F' L F' D2 F B2 D' B2 D2 U' L U L' B' U' B R U
* B2 D' L R' B2 L' R D' B2 // lel U perm (9/31)


RankNameCountryNegative TimeComment
1Zack WebbUSA-58 minutes, 12.04 seconds

Not Even Cubing

Category: Kissed my girlfriend
RankNameCountryNegative TimeComment
1Brandon MikelUSA-59 minutes, 55 seconds