Negative Time Solving Contest 2006

Date: Sunday October 29, 2006
Scramble: B' F' L' B2 L2 R U F2 B D R2 L B L B' U L2 U L F R' U R2 U2 D'


3x3 Speedsolve

PlaceNameCountryNegative Time
1Harris ChanCanada-59 minutes 47.02 seconds
2Ravi FernandoUSA-59 minutes 46.40 seconds
3Toby MaoUSA-59 minutes 45.43 seconds
4Shotaro MakisumiJapan (done in USA)-59 minutes 45.20 seconds
5Casey PernsteinerUSA-59 minutes 43.81 seconds
6Darren KwongUSA-59 minutes 43.75 seconds
7Chris DzoanUSA-59 minutes 43.28 seconds
8Gunnar KrigSweden-59 minutes 42.75 seconds
9Craig BouchardCanada-59 minutes 42.62 seconds
10Dan DzoanUSA-59 minutes 41.80 seconds
11Brian KimUSA-59 minutes 41.77 seconds
12Joseph GibneyUSA-59 minutes 41.47 seconds
13Shelley ChangUSA (done in United Kingdom)-59 minutes 41.24 seconds
14Caleb LauUSA-59 minutes 40.00 seconds
15Timothy WongUSA-59 minutes 39.34 seconds
16Ambie ValdésUSA-59 minutes 39.00 seconds
17Ryan ZhengUSA-59 minutes 38.91 seconds
18Alexei GousevUSA-59 minutes 36.92 seconds
19Tim ReynoldsUSA-59 minutes 35.50 seconds
20Peter GreenwoodUSA-59 minutes 33.33 seconds
21Lucas Garron*Germany (done in USA)-59 minutes 31 seconds
22Fred JohnsonUSA-59 minutes 32.52 seconds
23Newton ChanUSA-59 minutes 31.25 seconds
24Tristan WrightUSA-59 minutes 29.17 seconds
25Stanley WongUSA-59 minutes 26.21 seconds
26Chris ThiessenCanada-59 minutes 24.76 seconds
27Rachel FongUSA-59 minutes 23.94 seconds
28Jeremy FleischmanUSA-59 minutes 22.38 seconds
29David GomesUSA-59 minutes 21.20 seconds
30Frank (Tha-An) LinTaiwan (done in USA)-59 minutes 19.97 seconds
31John GodwinUSA-59 minutes 18.70 seconds
32Akash RakholiaUSA-58 minutes 0 seconds
33Devin Corr-RobinettUSA+22.28 seconds

3x3 Blindfolded

PlaceNameCountryNegative TimeComment
-Tyson MaoUSADNF (-58 minutes 17.64 seconds)I got back from Miami today, so this really wasn't fair given the extra three hours I had to endure.
-Lucas Garron*Germany (done in USA)DNF (-54 minutes 40 seconds)

Computer 3x3

PlaceNameCountryNegative Time
1Lucas Garron*Germany (done in USA)-53 minutes 40.26 seconds

*Note: Lucas started twisting, memorizing, or timing each solve before the time change. This is perfectly legal although it costs some time.